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Terms of use

The following terms and conditions, privacy notice and all policies published in our website establish the terms by which Dekantial S.L., hereinafter referred to as "dentalzon", will offer access to the website, services, applications and tools (collectively called ‘services’). All of dentalzon’s policies and user privacy notice are an integral part of these terms and conditions. You agree to comply with all of the above when you use our services.
If you reside in a member state of the European Union, you are subscribing to a contract with Dekantial S.L. CIF B93365831, calle Alfonso XII 22, 4º izquierda, Madrid (España) CP 28014.
These terms and conditions will be applicable to those users that accept them by registering at dentalzon’s website.

1. Legal Effect
dentalzon is a trading platform that allows its users to offer, sell and buy dentistry products from a wide variety of locations and locations.
dentalzon does not possess any of the articles on sale or sold via the website and it’s not involved on the real transaction that occurs between buyers and sellers. The purchase transactions occurs only and directly between the seller and the buyer.
dentalzon can provide guidance about prices inside the marketplace, shipping costs, and other service suggestions, as long as those guidelines are intended to inform the buyer, even if he chooses not to follow the suggestions. Although the company may use diverse softwares to make problem solving easier, dentalzon does not control, nor guarantee product availability, quality of product, safety and legal status of the products advertised on our website; veracity or accuracy of the content, ads or user ratings; providers capacity to sell items, buyers capacity to pay for items, or that buyers and sellers come to an agreement to formalise a transaction or returning an item.
According to the dentalzon’s Customer Warranty, if a provider wants to reimburse the buyer, or if he is forced to reimburse because a case has been resolved in favour of the buyer, we can:
Ask PayPal to bill the provider’s PayPal account to reimburse the cost of the item, shipping and return expenses (if applicable) to the buyer, according to the previous authorisation of the provider in virtue of the following terms and conditions.
If the provider’s PayPal account does not hold positive balance, dentalzon will pay the buyer the cost of the item, shipping and return expenses (if applicable), in which case the provider will have to reimburse the full amount paid by dentalzon to the buyer.
Vendors must have at all times a valid form of payment in their dentalzon account. When resolve a case in favor of the buyer, we will inform the provider and we will charge the amount in the same payment method chosen by the seller, or we will invoice the seller will for the amount corresponding to the reimbursement.

2. Using dentalzon
When using dentalzon’s platform you shall not:

  • Publish, advertise and upload any content or item in a wrong category or area of our website.
  • Infringe or evade any law, third party rights or our policies.
  • Sell counterfeit goods, or otherwise infringe copyright, trademark, or any other third party rights.
  • Use our services if you are not allowed to subscribe to legally binding contracts (for example, if you are under the age of 18), or have been suspended temporarily or permanently from our website.
  • Post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory or libellous information.
  • Distribute viruses or other technologies that may harm dentalzon or dentalzon’s user’s interests and user property of dentalzon.
  • Distribute viruses or other technologies that may harm dentalzon or dentalzon’s user’s interests and user property of dentalzon.
  • Bypass our robot exclusion headers, interfere with the operation of our services, or impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.
  • Export or reexport from any of dentalzon’s applications or tools except in compliance with export control laws of relevant jurisdictions and in accordance with the rules and restrictions published.
  • Copy, modify or redistribute rights or content of our website, copyrights and trademarks of dentalzon.
  • Copy, reproduce, reverse engineer, modify, create derivative works from, distribute or publicly disseminate any content (except for your information) from our Services without the prior written permission of dentalzon and the third party, if necessary, appropriate.
  • To market any of dentalzon’s applications or any information or software associated with the application.
  • Collect information about users, including email addresses, without their consent.