Since the beginning, dentalzon has put the interest of our customers at the very top of our priorities. We have served our clients worldwide with steadfast loyalty through a superior platform and dedicated customer service.

To ensure you the highest level of satisfaction, we are proud introduce the dentalzon Guarantee—our official promise that you’ll be satisfied with our platform.

This guarantee applies to every transaction not in violation of our terms*. That means that if you are unhappy for whatever reason, dentalzon will act as a mediator to help find the most favourable outcome. In some cases, this could mean a full or partial refund.

We’d be happy to help if:

  • The seller you ordered from did not deliver the products as ordered.
  • The seller delivered the order to you in an unreasonable timeframe.
  • The order you received was flawed in some way (e.g. quantity delivered, attributes of the order, et cetera).
  • There was some mistake processing your order or payment which you’d like to challenge.
  • Any other complaints you’d like to raise will be reviewed for validity by the complaints department of dentalzon.

Why you should choose dentalzon
Other suppliers and manufacturers may offer a guarantee which backs their orders. However, with dentalzon, you get a single guarantee which applies to an entire marketplace—a diverse community made up of dozens of sellers. That means that not only do you get safety to back up your order, but it is uniformly applied so you can select the seller which suits you best. In short, you get safety and choice.

You can file a guarantee claim by reaching out to us at You will receive an update from a dentalzon representative within 1-2 business days.

*This guarantee will only apply if all communications between buyer and seller are conducted over the platform using our built-in messaging function.